“Even the genius asks his questions

-Tupac Shakur

You have built and managed your wealth, now let us help you steer your wealth in the most efficient direction. As a team, we provide you with a roadmap on how to navigate and access the most efficient wealth distribution strategies available to you and your family. We provide you with strengths/weaknesses and areas of opportunity to improve your estate distribution intentions

The journey of a family-owned business

A family-owned business has family + business + other interests. We review and/or create a net worth statement including your personal and corporate assets and liabilities to best understand your financial health. From here we discuss weaknesses/strengths and opportunities for improvement working alongside other professional advisors.

We can serve as a family strategic advisor to your most important financial considerations. These can come to include:

  • Should my family have an ownership interest in my businesses?
  • Are my personal and corporate interests aligned for tax-efficiencies?
  • Family members moving in and out of Canada, what implication are there?

Staying connected and involved with the family finances allow us to bring all the required experts to assist in developing a measurable, systematic and efficient approach to your tax and estate planning objectives


Thank you for your help, I don't think I would've gotten this far without you.


It is a pleasure working with partners like you, I look forward to many more opportunities to benefit from your expertise.

Investment Advisor

Tony, the presentation was received incredibly well. You had the business owners engaged and intrigued, the feedback was that the event was probably one of the very best.

Regional Wealth VP

What truly impressed me about Tony was his ability to switch gears based on where the business owner needed more immediate attention, with his vast knowledge on succession planning he has a great ability to connect with my sophisticated business owner clients.

Investment Advisor

I found Tony to be a polished professional and experienced subject matter expert.