“Who we are cannot be separated
from where we’re from

-Malcolm Gladwell

  • Through our consultations we enable you to make educated decisions regarding your estate planning matters
  • Our clients understand that a will an estate plan
  • The process of estate planning is an ever-changing model, as family dynamics change and legislation continues to evolve we will work with you to create and tailor an estate plan specific to you and your family
  • Our clients receive customized estate planning advice regarding their planning objectives
  • An estate plan can be a complex exercise, an estate plan for a business owner is a complex exercise
  • Our clients enjoy the benefit of highly skilled professionals focused on doing right by the client, every recommendation is thoroughly assessed and reviewed
  • Boutique, customized solution offering to better serve your family and your family-owned business


Thank you for your help, I don't think I would've gotten this far without you.


It is a pleasure working with partners like you, I look forward to many more opportunities to benefit from your expertise.

Investment Advisor

Tony, the presentation was received incredibly well. You had the business owners engaged and intrigued, the feedback was that the event was probably one of the very best.

Regional Wealth VP

What truly impressed me about Tony was his ability to switch gears based on where the business owner needed more immediate attention, with his vast knowledge on succession planning he has a great ability to connect with my sophisticated business owner clients.

Investment Advisor

I found Tony to be a polished professional and experienced subject matter expert.