“Luck is what happens when
preparation meets opportunity

– Richard Branson

What’s next for your
family-owned business?

A family-owned business can oftentimes be a complex asset to manage. The interdependencies of wealth, business operations and family ties bring with it a variety of complex issues to address. The family business is a living, breathing organism which requires planning, ongoing commitment and consistent communication.

The succession plan for a family-owned business requires diligent planning, years of preparation and the input of all stakeholders. These issues all revolve around the very basic question to address, which is:

“To keep or sell?”

The legacy of your business and wealth can easily be diluted from a lack of planning to address liquidity requirements and tax obligations as they arise upon a significant transition event. We can address the planning issues which often arise with your family business.


  • A review and assessment of your current corporate legal structure
  • Has there been an estate freeze? If so, is there funding for the tax liability?

Exit Planning

  • Assessment of potential tax liability upon sale? Who are the potential buyers? Are pre-sale tax planning avenues explored?

Contingency Planning

  • How will the business operate without the principal? How does the family pay the tax liability upon death?
  • Do your will(s) address your business succession intentions?
  • Is a shareholder agreement signed? Is there funding for the buy-sell provision?


  • What is the business worth and how are beneficiaries to be treated upon death? Equal and fair are not always the same


Thank you for your help, I don't think I would've gotten this far without you.


It is a pleasure working with partners like you, I look forward to many more opportunities to benefit from your expertise.

Investment Advisor

Tony, the presentation was received incredibly well. You had the business owners engaged and intrigued, the feedback was that the event was probably one of the very best.

Regional Wealth VP

What truly impressed me about Tony was his ability to switch gears based on where the business owner needed more immediate attention, with his vast knowledge on succession planning he has a great ability to connect with my sophisticated business owner clients.

Investment Advisor

I found Tony to be a polished professional and experienced subject matter expert.